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Villa Diana is a family hotel, situated in the attractive, new part of Sozopol on quiet street.
Only 50 m.е divide the hotel from the Central Beach and 200 m. from the beach "Harmani". It is surrounded by a beautiful garden with a lot of flowers and a swimming pool.

Villa Diana offers you apartments, double rooms and rooms(2+1) equipped with:
TV set
Bath room
Kitchen in every floor
Free Wifi
Double rooms
Villa Diana offers double rooms on the attic floor. Each is distinguished by its own atmosphere and wonderful views of the garden and pool. Additional in-room amenities include: cable TV, balcony, mini refrigerator, air conditioning. There is also a kitchenette on the floor.

For families (2+1), Villa Diana offers spacious rooms furnished with double bed, extra bed, bathroom with shower.
  • Double room 1
  • Double room 2
  • Double room 3
  • Room 2+1
  • Room 2+1
  • Room 2+1
The studio is suitable for two people or a family with small children. It consists of a bedroom, a sofa with a table, terrace. Additional amenities include: cable TV, mini refrigerator, air conditioning, Wi-Fi.
  • Studio
  • Studio
  • Studio
For your comfort and dream holiday Villa Diana offers 3 apartments.

The first one, (junior suite) consists of two rooms with shared bathroom. The apartment is suitable for families with children and friends.

If you want to feel really at home, apartment 2 and 3 are the best choice.
The second apartment consists of a large room (double bed), living room, kitchen and two balconies.
A sliding door divides the bedroom from the living room. Additional amenities include: cable TV, mini refrigerator, air conditioning, Wi-Fi.

The third apartment offers a spacious living room with fireplace, bedroom and kitchen. It is situated on the ground floor opening to the garden and pool. Additional amenities include: cable TV, refrigerator, Wi-Fi.
  • Apartment 1
  • Apartment 1
  • Apartment 2
  • Apartment 2
  • Apartment 2
  • Apartment 3
  • Apartment 3
  • Apartment 3
What to visit
Sozopol is a remarkable place. It is an ancient town fulfilled with deep culture. In the city you can see buildings from different eras. Among the most visited sites are the Archaeological Museum and the Art Gallery. Places of interest are also the ancient churches "St. Zosimus" and "St. Mary". The Archaeological Museum houses ancient archaeological artefacts from the period between the 5th century BC and the 17th century. Exhibition of Christian art between the 17th and 19th century are great to see.
St. Ivan Island, located 910 meters from the city, is the largest island in the Black Sea water area of Bulgaria. Its visitors will enjoy the beautiful nature, different types of protected birds, as well as historical and architectural monuments. Relics of St. John the Baptist were found in the remains of the monastery build on the island. The chest excavated contained the bones of a hand, a bone of the face and a tooth. St. John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ. Currently, they are stored in Sozopol´s church "Saint George ".
"St. Mary” dates back from the 15th century and it is a pseudo-basilica apse and was declared a cultural monument under UNESCO’s protection. Today the town has two active churches - the biggest - "St. George ", which dates from the 19th century and “St. Zosimus" built in 1857.
"St. Mary Kaleosa" church dates back to the time of the adoption of the Christian religion. "Monastery "St. John the Baptist "is the one of the literature centres during the Ottoman rule. Medieval Sozopol is surrounded by a wall and towers built during the reign of emperor Anastasius in the 6th century.
In the surroundings of Sozopol by car can be reached mount “Bakarlaka”. It is a place where can be found Thracian fortifications. They have been built in the 13th century BC. On a hill called “Meden rid” Thracian mounds - traces of funeral rites of the Thracians can be seen. Twenty kilometres south of Sozopol is located the famous Snake Island. Visitors of the area can admire also the Ropotamo River, which is a protected natural park.
About Sozopol
The history of Sozopol dates from 2600 years back, when the Asia-Minor Greeks from the city of Milet crossed over the Dardanelles and Bosporus and entered the Black Sea waters aiming at colonizing the wealthy and most civilized cities, inhabiting the coast.
The Miletians conquered the towns of Ahtopol, Sozopol, Pomorie and further North, extending as far as the city of Varna. After the takeover of the peaceful Thracian settlements, the Miletians had given them Greeks names and had the population submitted to their rule. The present day city of Sozopol had been named Apolonia in honor to the Greek God Apollo. It is unknown what was it’s previous name. However, traces from monumental structures have been discovered that date long before the Miletians Greeks' incursion.
It is unknown what was it’s previous name. However, traces from monumental structures have been discovered that date long before the Miletians Greeks' incursion.
It is unknown what was it’s previous name. However, traces from monumental structures have been discovered that date long before the Miletians Greeks' incursion.
Sozopol is distinguished by its exceptional architecture. It is a city that accommodates artists, poets and people in love. It is the place where you can take pleasure in the extraordinary beaches such as "Golden Fish" beach, Harmani's Beach, "Paradise Bay" and rest of the countless fiords.
On the South of Sozopol you can discover the remarkable beaches of Kavatsi, Vesselie, Duni, Arkutino, Perla as well as the most beautiful river Ropotamo, specific for its divine water lilies.
The fundamental means of living for the locals is the fishery, ore extraction as well as tourism which transformed the city significantly during the past decades. Tourists from all parts of the World visit Sozopol and remain overwhelmed by its fairytale beauty.
Room type Preseason
15.05 - 15.06
16.09 – 30.09
Middle season
16.06 -15.07
01.09 – 15.09
High season
16.07 – 31.08
Double room 65 lv. 80 lv. 90 lv.
Room (2 + 1) 75 lv. 100 lv. 110 lv.
Apartment 100 lv. 160 lv. 180 lv.
Check-in:14:00h; Check-out:11:00h
All prices include VAT, tourist insurance and taxes. In order to confirm a reservation clients would need to prepay 30% of the entire sum for each room. All Bank transfer costs will be paid by the client. Children below 5 years old are free of charge.
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From Burgas to Sozopol there is a regular bus service every 30 min. from bus station "South". The journey takes approximately 40 minutes.
For our foreign guests "Villa Diana" offers a transfer from the airport of Burgas.
For more information, contact us.
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